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Education credentials bsc hons msc; phd; mibiol; cert biol; hecert you are here experts health fitness pharmacology pharmacy ranitidine vs nexium topic pharmacy expert dr alan galbraith date 9 11 2004 subject ranitidine vs nexium question in general, what makes the difference in whether nexium exomeprazole magnesium ; or zantac ranitidine ; is prescribed.

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i have the same thing, and my doctor told me 3 years ago i can stop taking prilosec, but i would have to take pepcid or zantac instead.

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on the other hand zantac is normally not prescribed in the treatment of zollinger-ellison syndrome.

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famotidine is the generic name of pepcid while ranitidine is the generic name of zantac.

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whether you re allergic to zantac or any other drugs what prescription and nonprescription medications or vitamins you are taking if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

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zantac generic ranitidine acid indigestion heartburn relief 75mg 12 multipack.


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